Floor Pocket

The Ultratec Special Effects Floor Pocket is your solution to put your low-lying fog effect where you want it. It has been designed to operate in conjunction with the LSG (Low Smoke Generator).

The Floor Pocket comes with a standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.


Product List
CLF-2980 Round Floor Pocket 220V €959.50

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Product List
25.4 cm Flex to Rigid Adapter CLF-9033 25.4 cm Flex to Rigid Adapter €99.85


  • Powder Coated, All Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Pneumatically Operated/ Electronically Controlled
  • DMX Control Available
  • Open/ Close Speed Adjustable
  • Mounts Flush w/ Stage Flooring
  • 360 Degree or Directional Fog Distribution


Length: 13 in / 33 cm
Width: 13 in / 33 cm
Height: 8 in / 21 cm
Net Weight: 12 lbs / 5 kgs
Power Cord: 5 ft - 1.5 m
Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

Our fluid has been included in the "Equipment Based Guidelines for the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze" that has been prepared with the support of Equity League Pension and Health Trust Funds et al., and can be used in compliance with ANSI standards for theatrical fog and the PLASA (previously ESTA) Fog Testing Program.

To view the Calibration Factors for Monitoring Theatrical Smoke, Fog and Haze please see the "Downloads" section further down this page.

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model Length Width Height Weight
CLF-2980 Round Floor Pocket 220V 13 in - 33 cm 13 in - 33 cm 16 in - 41 cm 14 lbs - 6.35 kgs

Parts Identification Blowout Sheets

Floor Pocket-Exploded-R-A:


Service Photos

Internal View:


Internal View 2:


Mounting Ring:


Outer View:


Wiring Details:



Product List
CXP-1072 1/4" Black Polytube €1.40
CXP-1078 Round Floor Pocket Shield €0.00
CXP-1079 Round Floor Pocket Non-Rotating Cylinder 2.381 cm Bore €196.69
CXP-1081 Round Floor Pocket Lid €0.00
CXP-1082 Round Floor Pocket 1/8 NPT Thumbscrew Flow Valve €0.00
CXP-1083 Round Floor Pocket Spacer Ring €0.00
CXP-1084 Round Floor Pocket 0.635 Push Connect x 0.318 cm Straight €0.00
CXP-1085 Round Floor Pocket 0.318 cm Air Muffler €0.00
CXP-1119 Round Floor Pocket Solenoid 220V €0.00
CXP-1288 0.635 cm Hole Grommet Thin €0.00
CXP-1296 0.635 cm Nylon Locknut €0.00
CXP-4090 Floor Pocket Foam Gasket €0.00
CXP-4195 Blue Neutrik Male Chassis Power In €0.00
CXP-4198 Grey Neutrik Female Line Power Out €0.00