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Fog Curtain

The Fog Curtain is your solution for a large reveal or a unique medium to project images or lighting on. The Fog Curtain is designed to be used in conjunction with the LSG. The Liquid CO2 conditioned fog effect can fall from heights of up to 30´ and depending on the number of LSG systems used, the length of the curtain is almost limitless. A single LSG system will allow up to a 6-meter length of fog curtain. This effect has been successfully utilized on cruise ships, casinos, theme parks and stages around the world.

The Fog Curtain comes with our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.


Product List Dealer Quantity
CLF-2956 LSG Uninsulated 25.4 cm Hose 7.62 m €655.60
CLF-9033 25.4 cm Flex to Rigid Adapter €99.85
CLF-9034 25.4 cm End Cap €99.85
CLF-9035 25.4 cm Tee €300.44
CLF-9036 25.4 cm 90* Elbow €196.70
CLF-9038 25.4 cm Fog Curtain Pipe (3.048 mLength w/Holes) €289.75
CLF-9040 25.4 cm Fog Curtain Coupler €23.52
CLF-2957 LSG Flex Hose Adapter S.S. €137.28
CLF-2986 25.4 cm Automatic Round Damper (ARD) 220V €488.30
CLF-2943 LSG DMX Interface 220V €584.25