Fog Curtain

Create Big Reveals with the Fog Curtain

The Fog Curtain is designed to be used in conjunction with one of our low fog systems (low fog generator and a fog machine) such as the Eclipse. The combination of these machines can create a dramatic waterfall effect, sending fog cascading to the stage.

The liquid CO2 conditioned fog effect can fall from heights of up to 30 feet. Depending on the number of low fog systems used, the length of the curtain is almost limitless. A single low fog system will create a near 20-foot length of fog curtain. This effect has been successfully utilized on cruise ships, casinos, theme parks and stages around the world.

Proudly manufactured in North America, the Fog Curtain is ideal for everything from big reveals to a subtle disappearance on stage for people, scenery, and props It can also be used as a projection screen to create a unique, dramatic visual heightening the mood of any live performance.

The Fog Curtain comes with a 5 year-warranty against manufacturers' defect provided Ultratec fluids are used.

Product Sheet
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Product List
CLF-2943 LSG DMX Interface 220V €722.05
CLF-2956 LSG Uninsulated 25.4 cm Hose 7.62 m €810.22
CLF-2957 LSG Flex Hose Adapter S.S. €169.66
CLF-2986 25.4 cm Automatic Round Damper (ARD) 220V (CE) €603.47
CLF-9033 25.4 cm Flex to Rigid Adapter €123.40
CLF-9035 25.4 cm Tee €371.30
CLF-9036 25.4 cm 90* Elbow €243.10
CLF-9038 25.4 cm Fog Curtain Pipe (3.048 mLength w/Holes) €358.08
CLF-9040 25.4 cm Fog Curtain Coupler €29.07
CLF-9045 Fog Curtain Metal Bracket €213.68
CLF-9050 Fog Curtain End Plate Plastic €109.73