Fluid Distribution Systems

The FDS (Fluid Distribution System) is designed to facilitate fluid distribution on a budget installation, where the refilling of containers is deemed to be labor intensive, or machines are not easily accessible. This system requires that the operator be present during the entire refilling operation.

The pail has a mechanical float that opens when fluid is low and closes once the pail has been filled. Once all of the parts have been filled, the pump will shut down indicating all systems filled. The switch can then be released, disconnecting all power to the pump. For high capacity users a 25-gallon FDS storage tank is also available.


The FDS (Fluid Distribution System) Pump is the driver in the FDS. It pumps the fluid from the 55-Gallon (205-Litre) drum to the FDS Pails. When the pails fill and the float valve closes, it will create a back pressure on the fluid line and will cause the pressure switch in the pump to shut off the power to the pump. It is a very simple yet effective means for refilling pails of fluids in remote areas.


Product List Dealer Quantity
CLF-3100 FDS Hanging Pail Bracket €201.64
CLF-4150 FDS (Fluid Distribution System) Pail €228.00
CLF-4155 FDS Storage Tank 94.64 L €508.25
CLF-4147 FDS Pump 220V €1,106.75
CXP-5002 FDS 1/2" Braided Hose (Amount/Foot) €2.95
CLB-2010 Bubble Master FDS Pail €160.51