TwisterX Fan

Our Most Adaptable and Agile Fan

Ultratec’s TwisterX Fan is our most adaptable fan yet. Light and easy to handle, this fan meets a range of needs from movies, and television production, to outdoor concerts and theatre. While the TwisterX occupies a compact footprint, it performs with uncompromised durability and reliability. It has precision variable speed providing the user control.

With bi-directional functionality, the TwisterX can use forward-blade rotation to widely disperse airflow. When reversing the rotation, the built-in Air Straighteners focus and direct the airflow. At full directional airflow, its sound level is 72dB. Its heavy-duty angle adjustment allows the user to easily adjust the fan direction and position during production set-up.

Proudly manufactured in North America, the TwisterX is our mid range fan complementing the entry level Versa Fan and top-level Turbo Fan. It can be used as a stand-alone fan creating precision airflow or paired with our atmospheric effect machines. Partner it with the Swivel Bracket to maximize distribution for any effect.

The TwisterX Fan has a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect.


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Product List
Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX (CE) CLF-6000 Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX (CE) €2,369.85
LSG Uninsulated 25.4 cm Hose 7.62 m CLF-2956 LSG Uninsulated 25.4 cm Hose 7.62 m €810.22