Fog Blade

Create Instant Excitement with the Fog Blade

The Fog Blade creates an impressive instant fog effect. Whether using it as a single blade, tandem or multi blade set-up, with the blink of an eye, this unique fog effect can be used as a projection surface, or to hide performers or scenery behind a white plume of fog. To maximize the effect, each Fog Blade should be paired with a fog machine such as the workhorse of our lineup, the G3000 water-based fog machine.

The Fog Blade can be safely implemented into the stage flooring remaining hidden throughout the performance. On queue it will create the perfect magical entrance or exit. Using multiple Fog Blades allows for the creation of unique fog wall shapes in different sizes. This effect has been successfully utilized on cruise ships, casinos, theme parks and stages around the world.

Proudly manufactured in North America, the Fog Blade is ideal for everything creating a projection surface for images, big reveals or a quick disappearance for people, scenery, and props.

The Fog Blade comes with a 5 year-warranty against manufacturers' defect provided Ultratec fluids are used.

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CLF-2504 Fog Blade €340.48