Pro Launcher

Ultratec’s Pro Launcher is manufactured with quality and reliability that is expected from the leading special effects manufacturer. The Pro Launcher projects Pro Fetti or Pro Streamers up to 30 feet. The consumables that are required to operate this machine are threaded CO2 Cartridges that are available in 8, 16, 25 and 38 gram sizes, 2” Lifting Cup as well as a 2” Back Pressure Cap. There are optional parts available for purchase such as extra barrels for fast and simple reloads in order to be ready for the next cue. Another part is a 2” Tethered Lifting Cup that is reusable for approximately 10 shots and then it should be replaced. The 2” Tethered Lifting Cup is recommended to be used in place of the 2” disposable Lifting Cup when the Pro Launcher is being operated in small venues that are located inside. All consumables are sold separately. Go to the Consumables Section for further descriptions of the parts listed above.

The Pro Launcher has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.


Product List
PAP-1003 5.08 cm Pro Launcher Air Cannon 220V €721.88


Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model Length Width Height Weight


Product List
CXP-1122 Pro Launcher Timer Relay €0.00
CXP-1139 Pro Launcher CO2 Pin €0.00
CXP-1141 Pro Launcher Solenoid 220V €0.00
CXP-1143 Pro Launcher 220V Thermal Protector €0.00
CXP-1144 0.635 cm Fiber Washer €0.00
CXP-1145 Large "O" Ring Pro Launcher €0.00
CXP-1146 Small "O" Ring Pro Launcher €0.00
CXP-1154 1.588 cm Spring Pro Launcher Solenoid €0.00
CXP-1158 Pro Launcher Black Handle 0.635 cm 2-Wing €0.00
CXP-1245 Pro Launcher Safety Clip €0.00
CXP-1250 Pro Launcher Safety Clip Drill Fixture €0.00
CXP-1251 Pro Launcher 30.48 cm Cable Stay €0.00
CXP-1296 0.635 cm Nylon Locknut €0.00
CXP-1303 Pro Launcher Fireman's Snap Hook €5.60
CXP-2436 Machine Feet - Set Of 4 €0.00
CXP-5034 Le Flame 18/3 Power Cord 3.658 m €0.00
PAP-1500 5.08 cm Pro Launcher Barrel €107.35