Le Torcia

The Le Torcia is a great breakthrough for on stage torch needs in the entertainment industry. Designed by acclaimed Broadway special effects designer; Greg Meeh. Years of refinement and on stage use has made this the most professional and reliable torch to use. Le Torcia is available in electric start with adjustable flame height, gas safety release and light weight design. It is butane powered and the refill canisters are available in 2 oz canisters. Additional brackets and scenic fittings will be made available as options.

The Le Torcia comes with our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.


Product List
FLA-5006 Le Torcia - Electric Ignition €969.00

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Product List
Le Torcia 2 oz Butane Refill FLA-5012 Le Torcia 2 oz Butane Refill €6.89


  • Butane Powered
  • Electric Restart
  • Adjustable Flame Height
  • Durable Construction
  • Gas Safety Release


Based on a maximum height of 6 in - 15 cm, 2 oz. canisters will run for approximately 20 minutes.


Length: 22 in / 56cm
Net Weight: 2 lbs / 1 kgs
Specification Footnote: The Le Torcia has a 1 5/8" diameter

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model Length Width Height Weight
FLA-5006 Le Torcia - Electric Ignition 25 in - 64 cm 4 in - 10 cm 4 in - 10 cm 3 lbs - 2 kgs

Parts Identification Blowout Sheets

Le Torcia-Exploded-R-A:


Service Photos

Ignition View:


Internal Base View:


Internal Mid-Section View:


Internal Overview:


Internal Tip View:


Internal Top View:


Outer View:



Product List
CXP-1200 Le Torcia "O" Ring €0.00
CXP-1201 Le Torcia - Fuel Cell Housing €94.98
CXP-1202 Le Torcia - Flow Control Valve €0.00
CXP-1203 Le Torcia - Push Button Valve €0.00
CXP-1204 Le Torcia - Battery Holder €0.00
CXP-1205 Le Torcia - Transformer Assembly €0.00
CXP-1206 Le Torcia - Ignitor €0.00
CXP-1207 Le Torcia - Brass Stone €0.00
CXP-1208 Le Torcia - Aluminum End Cap €112.57
CXP-1209 Le Torcia - 1/8 copper Tube w/Nuts €0.00
CXP-1210 Le Torcia - Fuel Push Button €0.00
CXP-1211 Le Torcia - Butane Torch Microswitch €28.40
CXP-1212 Le Torcia - Threaded Brass End Cap €0.00
CXP-1220 Le Torcia 0.794 Female x0.318 cm NPT Male Brass €0.00
CXP-1230 Le Torcia 0.794 Male x 0.794 cm Male Brass €0.00
CXP-1235 Le Torcia 0.794 Male x 0.318 cm Compression Brass €0.00
CXP-1293 Le Torcia 4-40 x 0.635 cm Pan Phil Screw B/O €0.00
CXP-1299 Le Torcia 4-40 x 0.476 cm Pan Phil Screw B/O €0.79
CXP-1213 Le Torcia - Stainless Steel Pin €0.00
CXP-1289 Le Torcia - Aluminum Tube €129.93
CXP-1291 Le Torcia Aluminum Cap O-Ring €2.80