Turbo Fan

Ultratec’s Turbo Fan can be positioned on stage or hung from stage rigging to meet a variety of production needs. Constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel, the Turbo Fan has built-in variable speeds and bi-directional operation capability, providing powerful, fast, and secure control.

In forward-blade rotation, airflow is widely dispersed, but by reversing the rotation, the built-in air straighteners focus and direct airflow. With its positive-locking base, positioning and angle adjustment is quick, easy and secure. At full directional airflow, its sound level is 70dB.

Proudly manufactured in North America, the Turbo Fan is great where a wind effect is needed such as creating a windy day effect for a movie/ tv shoot. With wide dispersion or focused airflow, any wind effect is possible. Also, available with a snow attachment when vast distribution of snow is needed.

The Turbo Fan has a five-year warranty against manufacturers’ defect.


Product List
CLF-2851 Turbo Fan 110V/220V (Non-Wireless) €6,797.18

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Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX (CE) CLF-6000 Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX (CE) €2,369.85