G3000 Mega Fog Burst


Create a Large Fog Burst with a G3000, the NEW Mega Fog Burst attachment is controlled by the Standard On-Board DMX controls and the Standard AC outlet on the rear of the machine. This complete package allows for amazing control while offering similar effects to Cryogenics from a fraction of the operational costs.

***G3000 Fog Machine sold separately

The G3000 Mega Fog Burst has a five-year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger provided Ultratec fluids are used.



Product List
CLF-4475 G3000 Mega Fog Burst €1,015.80

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Product List
G3000 Mega Fog Burst Stand CLF-4480 G3000 Mega Fog Burst Stand €340.48
CO2 Regulator w/1.524m Hose CXP-1968 CO2 Regulator w/1.524m Hose €804.54