Weather-It Case

The sturdy design of the Weather-It Case allows Ultratec’s machines to be used for outdoor applications when weather is less than ideal. Each case is designed using the well-known PelicanTM Case. Pelican’s cases are tough, durable, and entrusted by military and law enforcement around the world.

Each case is tailored to meet the needs and functionality of the enclosed machine. This may include a built-in fan for cooling and a 4-inch nozzle for fog or haze output. Holding straps ensure the machine is secure, keeping it firmly in place. A channel port allows access for the fluid pickup line, electrical and control cables.

The Weather-It Case is an essential accessory for atmospheric effect machines used for permanent outdoor installations at amusement parks or theme parks. Additionally, weather damage is no longer a concern for machines during operation at outdoor concerts, festivals, and other live events.


The Weather-It Case has a five year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect.

***Fog Machine not included***


Product List
CLF-4458 Weather-It Case - Power Fog Industrial 9D €1,782.09
CLF-4468 Weather-It Case - Power Fog Industrial €1,209.29
CLF-2821 Weather-It Case - G3000 €1,356.81