Weather-It Case

The clever design of the Weather-It Case is intended to allow users of Ultratec Fog Machines the ability to use them in outdoor applications under minimal weather conditions. Weather-It Cases were designed with the well known and very reliable Pelican Case. It incorporates a built-in fan for cooling, 4-inch nozzle for the fog output, holding straps to keep the fog machine firmly in place and a channel port to allow the fluid pickup line, electrical and control cables access. Note: The Weather-It Cases are NOT waterproof but are more protection for minimal weather influxes. The case also comes equipped with wheels and an extendable handle for your traveling convenience.

The Weather-It Case has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.

***Fog Machine not included


Product List
CLF-2821 Weather-It Case - G3000 €1,097.88
CLF-4468 Weather-It Case - Power Fog Industrial €978.50
CLF-4458 Weather-It Case - Power Fog Industrial 9D €1,442.00


Length: 25 in / 64 cm
Width: 20 in / 51 cm
Height: 13 in / 33 cm
Net Weight: 30 lbs / 14 kgs

Our fluid has been included in the "Equipment Based Guidelines for the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze" that has been prepared with the support of Equity League Pension and Health Trust Funds et al., and can be used in compliance with ANSI standards for theatrical fog and the PLASA (previously ESTA) Fog Testing Program.

To view the Calibration Factors for Monitoring Theatrical Smoke, Fog and Haze please see the "Downloads" section further down this page.

Specification Footnote: The Outer & Inner Specifications for the following products are the same for both:
CLF 2821 - Weather-It Case - G3000

Outer Specifications:
Length: 31.5" (80.01 cm)
Width: 20.75" (52.70 cm)
Height: 12.50" (31.75 cm)

Inner Specifications:
Length: 29" (73.66 cm)
Width: 18" (45.72 cm)
Height: 10.5" (26.67 cm)

The Outer Specifications for the following product is listed in the ´Specifications Section´ of this page. The Inner Specifications are listed below the product listing.

CLF 4468 - Weather-It Case - Power Fog Industrial

Inner Specifications:
Length: 22.25" 56.51 cm
Width: 17" 43.18 cm
Height: 10.5" 26.67 cm


Please allow 2 weeks for custom manufacturing of all Weather-It Cases.

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model Length Width Height Weight
CLF-2821 Weather-It Case - G3000 32 in - 81 cm 21 in - 53 cm 12 in - 31 cm 28 lbs - 13 kgs
CLF-4468 Weather-It Case - Power Fog Industrial 26 in - 66 cm 20 in - 51 cm 13 in - 33 cm 17 lbs - 8 kgs
CLF-4458 Weather-It Case - Power Fog Industrial 9D 26 in - 66 cm 20 in - 51 cm 13 in - 33 cm 17 lbs - 8 kgs


Product List
CXP-1046 Show/Stage/G3000 10.16 cm Hose Adapter €0.00
CXP-1295 #8 x 1.588 cm Phillips Self Tapping Screws B/O €0.00
CXP-1296 0.635 cm Nylon Locknut €0.00
CXP-1297 0.635 x 7.62 cm Round Combo Bolts B/O €0.00
CXP-4245 G3000 Black Hose Cover €0.00
CXP-4264 G3000 3 Prong Male Straight Blade Plug €0.00
CXP-4286 1/4" Flat Washer €0.21
CXP-5028 Le Flame Finger Guard €0.00