Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid

Quick Dissipating Water Base Fog Fluid also known as Ultratec’s QD. This fluid is a great solution for applications that require fog and low-lying fog to dissipate immediately. When using Ultratec’s Quick Dissipating there is not a need for extensive exhaust planning because of how quickly it dissipates. When using this fluid you can create Steam like Effects and CO2 like Effects. To simulate a CO2 effect, use Ultratec”s QD in the G3000 with a Mega Fog Burst or a Power Fog Industrial with a Fog Burst. Depending on what size of plume you require for the application. This fluid can be used in all Ultratec’s Fog Machines.


Product List
CFF-2725 4L Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid Call for Pricing
CFF-2732B 20L Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid In a Box Call for Pricing
CFF-2735 205L Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid Drum Call for Pricing