Silent Storm DMX Snow Machine (w/ Variable Flow Remote)

Need the stage scene to go from a quiet, sombre evening to a blustery winter storm? Ultratec’s Silent Storm DMX Snow Machine was created with just that in mind. The Silent Storm, with 2-channel DMX fan speed and flow control, is a remarkable snow machine, flowing 70% more snow output than its predecessor. Realistic, artificial snow in an instant!

From a snow-covered ground to falling snow, the Silent Storm will create a winter wonderland any time of the year. With the variable snow output option, snowflake size can easily be adjusted to be big or small. Plus, the variable flow remote control included provides easier control of the machine and scene requirements.

Designed to provide continuous variable snow fall and flake size on queue for large and small theatre productions, and other live events. The Silent Storm can be paired with the Swivel Bracket to maximize the distribution of snow fall.


The Silent Storm Snow Machine has a five-year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect provided Ultratec fluids are used.


Product List
CLS-7155 Silent Storm DMX Snow M/C 220V w/Indl Optn(Remote Included) €1,555.63
CLS-7150 Silent Storm DMX Snow Machine 220V (Remote Included) €1,329.04

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Product List
Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX (CE) CLF-6000 Swivel Bracket 90 Degree Rotator DMX (CE) €2,369.85