Pro Fetti (10lb Bags of Free Flow Metallic PVC)

Ultratec's Pro Fetti 1lb box of Stacked Metallic PVC contains 54 prepacked stacks of 5/8-inch by 2-inch rectangular Metallic PVC strips. When launched, Pro Fetti Metallic PVC spins and rotates slowly, creating an impressive "cascading waterfall" effect. Pro Fetti Metallic PVC is available in 1 lb stacked box, 1 lb and 10 lb bags of Free Flow.


Product List
PAP-2425 Pro Fetti Mylar (4.54 kg Bag Free Flow) - Multi Colored €213.75
PAP-2427 Pro Fetti Mylar (4.54 kg Bag Free Flow) - Red €213.75

Shipping Specifications per Model

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