Le Torcia

The Le Torcia is a great breakthrough for on stage torch needs in the entertainment industry. Designed by acclaimed Broadway special effects designer; Greg Meeh. Years of refinement and on stage use has made this the most professional and reliable torch to use. Le Torcia is available in electric start with adjustable flame height, gas safety release and light weight design. It is butane powered and the refill canisters are available in 2 oz canisters. Additional brackets and scenic fittings will be made available as options.

The Le Torcia has a five year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect.

Le Torcia is not CE certified.


Product List
FLA-5006 Le Torcia - Electric Ignition €1,197.54

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Product List
Le Torcia 2 oz Butane Refill FLA-5012 Le Torcia 2 oz Butane Refill €8.52